Minecraft Inventory Builder

Minecraft Inventory Builder is a site dedicated to the zMenu plugin. The site has a marketplace, an builder editor and a forum.

What is the Minecraft-Inventory-Builder ?

Welcome to the official website for zMenu. Our platform is more than just a website; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance your zMenu experience.

At the heart of our service is the Marketplace, a one-stop destination where you can buy and download exclusive content tailored for zMenu. Whether you're looking for custom configurations, unique items, or inventive mods, our Marketplace has it all. It's a vibrant community hub where creators share their masterpieces, allowing you to elevate your Minecraft adventures to new heights.

And for those looking to fine-tune their zMenu setup, our Online Inventory Editor is a game-changer. This intuitive tool allows you to easily modify zMenu configurations directly from your browser. No more wrestling with complex files or coding – our editor simplifies the process, enabling you to customize your experience with just a few clicks.

Our website is designed with you in mind, offering a seamless interface that makes navigating, downloading, and interacting with the zMenu community a breeze. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or new to the world of zMenu, our site is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of this incredible plugin.

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Upgrade your account with a one-time payment to gain lifetime access to exclusive content, increased file size capacity, and fewer limitations, thereby elevating your experience on our site forever.


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Our resource system

Want to share your creations or sell them ? Then the marketplace is for you. In just a few minutes creates a new resource to share with the community

zMenu - Ultra complete menu plugin

, 3 February 2024, Configurations

Our goal: Dethrone DeluxeMenu